A Family of Vegetarians:

Our recent move to Vegetarianism: After being a vegetarian myself since I was 16 I have recently decided to raise my children as vegetarians as much as I can, my partner isn't a vegetarian but he eats that way when within the home, what he does out of the house I need not know. At home I cook and prepare only... Continue Reading →

I am still me!

My New Years resolution was to be more selfish, selfish sounds like such a harsh word but used in the right way being selfish is totally acceptable. When we become wives, partners or mothers we can often find ourselves totally lost in the role of caring for others and putting everyone else needs before our... Continue Reading →

My Parenting Journey:

Parenting: Mum of two?... It's still so crazy saying that out loud, mum of two, two dependents! Two little people in my case two little girls who are relying on me to keep them safe, clean, fed and happy, not too much pressure then after all! My journey to a mum of one: I always... Continue Reading →


As Eliza gets bigger I can see a new level of sisterhood forming which is nice, although she may be rough with her Eliza adores her older sister probably more than me or her dad, If I don't appear to have Eliza in my arms Ivy will be the first to ask where she is and she races to see her in the morning with some rough cuddles and sloppy kisses.

The age gap that wasn’t…

Parenting When Ivy was a year old we suddenly looked at her like she was all grown up! which is madness because when I look back at pictures she was still just a squishy baby! We decided to start trying for our second when she was 18 months old and considering Ivy was easily conceived... Continue Reading →

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