The age gap that wasn’t…


When Ivy was a year old we suddenly looked at her like she was all grown up! which is madness because when I look back at pictures she was still just a squishy baby!

We decided to start trying for our second when she was 18 months old and considering Ivy was easily conceived I didn’t expect it would take long, in fact I thought it would be instant (Ivy was 2nd Month) as my body had done it before.

6 Months in and there was still no baby, at this point my dreams of a close age gap are drifting and I’m starting to panic about all the things that could be wrong, by a year we had conceived but sadly that baby wasn’t to be, it was truly heartbreaking and I honestly didn’t think I wanted to continue on my trying journey. I had started to imagine my life with just 1, was it for me? would I feel fulfilled? Honestly no so we found our strength and continued.

Another 6 months later and we were expecting again, a whole 18 months since we first started out, our eldest was now 3! The pregnancy was a healthy one and in January we welcomed our second daughter little Eliza into the world.


I know it can take some couples a lot longer, some have many losses, some need assistance to fall pregnant! In reality I look back and I was actually very lucky but at the time when its not happening and you have these dreams to be a mummy again its still a bitter pill to swallow.

Eliza is now 4 months and I can honestly say that the jigsaw is finished, we finally feel complete and so very very lucky to have two beautiful little girls, and as for that age gap well it really doesn’t seem to matter any more, Ivy is very helpful and loving towards her little sister and actually in reality looking back on what could have been double push chairs and no one on one time with just the baby whilst Ivy is in pre-school I actually much prefer this age gap.

If you want to know more about my trying journey then I have made a video bellow which I shared on my youtube channel.



2 thoughts on “The age gap that wasn’t…”

  1. I conceived My first two instantly and then Teddy took about 18 months of trying. I too knew I was lucky that I had two healthy children and that 18 months isn’t long. It was still a hard 18 month wait, so I can relate to this. You have your heart set on something and then the doubts kick in whilst your waiting that there maybe no more babies. Once they arrive it makes the wait very worth it though! Glad to see your blogging and don’t forget to check mine out๐Ÿ˜‰ We may have to collaborate blogs soon xx


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