Marinda Garden Club Hotel, Minorca, Cala’n Bosch:

We stayed at the Marinda Garden Club Hotel in June 2017, we had a fantastic 11 day stay so I wanted to share my views for anyone looking to book a holiday here.

Rooms: The Rooms were very clean and modern, They were set out in blocks and we were in Block 8 fairly near the pool. Some had Upstairs Apartments too and I do think from Pictures I’ve seen that these may look different to the ground floor, and the impression I get is that the ground floor is for families but don’t quote me on that! For a Family of four such as ourselves the rooms were set out with a living area with a small kitchen area, Table, sofa (sofa bed) and Tv, There was a separate room with two single beds and we were given a travel cot for our baby. The bathrooms only had a shower in, something which I was concerned about at the time as where ever I’ve stayed before has always had a bath of which I knew I could bath my baby, however I soon figured out away to wash her that worked well and so it wasn’t a deal braker. The most important thing is that there was air conditioning and that the beds were actually really comfy!

Food: We stayed on an all inclusive basis so we ate Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in the Hotel Restaurant. The staff were really lovely, however they were very quick to try take away your plate, I guess they want to keep on top of the sheer volume of guests but sometimes it felt a little much and rushed and then other times they were no where to be seen. They serve a lot of fish, I actually thought it was the theme of the first night but quickly realised that infant every night there were quite a few fish dishes etc. The food was like all all inclusive places I’ve been to before so to be honest I don’t have much of an opinion as I can be quite a fussy eater any way, I think I spent most days eating pasta or chips! However Mexican night and Asian Night were a welcome change!

Pool: The pool seemed fairly clean, I never noticed them to be dirty or not looked after, They were good sizes. You have a nice rectangle baby pool and then a very deep pool and  pool that you could stand up in and have a little swim as well. There were toilets within the pool area and also showers                                  .IMG_1699  IMG_1700

Entertainment: Now this was a topic Icouldn’t wait to talk about! If the entertainment on holiday is important to you then this is the place to come! Absolutely Fantastic entertainment staff! They work so hard all day getting all ages involved in various activities, Stretches, Aqua aerobics, Diving, Volleyball, Fun pool games for kids and Crazy golf etc and then in the evening they did some fantastic shows including of course Kiddie Disco. My daughter at 4 years old enjoyed the Kids club and the Thomas cook kids club staff were so lovely, They would always say hi at breakfast or lunch and were really good at remembaring names and making your child feel special, Every day in the morning and afternoon either Bernie or Lollo came around the pool saying hi to the children. I just couldn’t fault all of their efforts to make sure everyone was having a lovely time.

Site: The hotel site itself could actually do with a little upgrade but to no extent that bothered me, you could just tell it was a little worn, These things to update would obviously cost a lot of money but the site was always kept clean and there were always maintenance staff doing the rounds and tidying up the grass, bushes or plants, so what they could do on a daily basis was done.


Surrounding area: We didn’t get to ventu re too far but I don’t think there is too much around. A ten minute walk will lead you to a small Marina which is surrounded by restaurants if you fancied a change of scenery and near to that is also a small beach. Ten minutes in the opposite direction with lead you to a lighthouse cafe/bar which sits on the edge of the sea. Its such a stunning view to sit and have a leisurely drink whilst looking out onto the sea watching boats go by.

IMG_1485  IMG_1726    IMG_1734

Water Park: Next door there is a small water park, I say small because I have been to bigger but it still has everything you would need, for staying at the hotel entry into the water park is free, however if you go for the day and want food then you will obviously have to pay for your food unless you come back and forth. You also have to pay for sun beds which is around 3 euros a day per bed. The water park has 4 big slides, a lovely kiddy section, a jacuzzi, pool and wave pool.


Overview: All in all we had a lovely time and would definitely visit again my only negative was the airport transfer which was around a 50 minute drive. It would be fine if it was just direct but with hotel stops along route it took quite a time with two young children, you do however get a good look around at the Island itself on route but if we were to go again we would probably pay extra for a private transfer to reduce the travel time.

I hope this helps anyone looking for a great family holiday! feel free to ask any questions in the comments and ill be sure to answer! If you wasn’t to see the place in action thenclick the links bellow.


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