I am still me!

My New Years resolution was to be more selfish, selfish sounds like such a harsh word but used in the right way being selfish is totally acceptable.


When we become wives, partners or mothers we can often find ourselves totally lost in the role of caring for others and putting everyone else needs before our own, but to be the very best version of ourselves for ourself and for the sake of others I truly think its important to be selfish!

One night I found myself having a bath whilst the kids played downstairs with their dad (there’s something about bathing whilst the kids are still up but you’re not in charge! almost feels extra special.) Any way after my bath I spent time In my room with a cheesy chick flick on whilst I painted my nails, suddenly what I was feeling became very familiar, a feeling id forgotten, a feeling that id had before when I used to make more time for myself and it felt pretty good! I decided there and then that I owed it to myself once a week to pamper myself, to re-ground myself and to remember who I was and what I enjoyed in life and I genuinely believe this has made me happier, more relaxed, less tense and far more appreciative of everything I have.

So from one mother to another, sack off the mum guilt and do something for you. It could be anything from reading, watching a movie, exercising, having a beauty treatment, taking a bath or just sitting and enjoying your favourite treat in a quiet room without little hands trying to snatch it from you. We are far more than ‘just a mum’ we still have interests, wants and dreams and we can have the best of both worlds.

My top tips:

  • Leave Daddy in charge and make it very clear you are not to be disturbed for at least an hour! Run a hot bath and lock the door, his world isn’t going to collapse around him for solo parenting for an hour or so.
  • Its nap time, not running around using that 1-2 hours to clean the house once a week won’t kill you! jump into bed yourself with a book or sit on the sofa with your favourite movie.
  • Got family that won’t stop asking to babysit? Let them! it’s totally ok, chances are they have had kids before and know what they are doing. Go out and meet a friend for a coffee, or go alone and have a hot coffee whilst reading a mag! Or better yet go get a massage!

It really doesn’t have to be too complicated just make time once a week for the little things and perhaps once a month for the big things and see what difference it makes!

Go on be a little selfish!


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