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A Family of Vegetarians:

Our recent move to Vegetarianism:

After being a vegetarian myself since I was 16 I have recently decided to raise my children as vegetarians as much as I can, my partner isn’t a vegetarian but he eats that way when within the home, what he does out of the house I need not know. At home I cook and prepare only vegetarian food and this goes for the weekly shop too which also only contains what we need as vegetarians.


The only problem I’ve come up against that I could fix should I really want to is that my eldest who is 4 1/2 has school meals because they are obviously free at this age, I have not explained that we don’t eat meat nor why we don’t eat meat at this point as I still think she is too young to understand and also she started having school meals at a time when I was not raising her as a vegetarian. I have decided with this in mind to leave her dinners as they are until they are no longer free and then I may move her onto pack lunches, this is purely because at this time of settling into school when everyone else is sitting and eating their school dinners I do not want her singled out with a lunch box, I think when school meals are no longer free there will be a mix of parents still happy to pay and those that chose lunch boxes such as my self.

In the future I am more than happy for my children to choose whether they eat meat or stay as vegetarians, my honest thought is that once they know the truth they would choose vegetarianism any way but we shall see.

Although we are not Vegan I do have a keen interest in trying more vegan products and vegan foods to reduce the demand for animal products within our home. we have since tried some delicious meals which we enjoyed and would definitely make again, that goes also for things such as dairy free spreads and milk products, there are so many great products out there its really worth a look and a try. At the end of the day if you try something and you like it there’s no reason why you can’t favour it instead, I think theres a lot of misconception that if it’s not meat or from an animal then its not real food or it won’t taste nice but you’d be surprised.

All that said, I aim to bring more blog posts on food and also you will find many more on my channel as its something I’m really passionate about, I love sharing meal ideas as I equally love finding inspiration from others.

Linked bellow is a video that i did recently of some vegetarian meal ideas suitable for the whole family. This video was in collaboration with a lovely YouTube friend of mine Zoe who also raises her children in a vegetarian house, i hope it gives you some great ideas whether you are vegetarian or not.

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2 thoughts on “A Family of Vegetarians:”

  1. Ooh I got really excited about this post. As a family of happy meat eaters we were thrown into chaos last year when our five year old stopped eating meat. She became a vegetarian by choice as she was repulsed by the idea of eating animals or fish. It’s been a rollercoaster but we have always respected her decision, prepared her meat free meals accordingly, and even been into school to make sure they don’t push meat onto her. Although now we have succumbed to packed lunches. I am actually really proud of her and whilst we haven’t ever swayed her either way (meat is always there on offer if she wants it) it’s been an incredible thing to witness. I’ve even been tempted to join her!
    Anyway, ramble over, I’m definitely off to watch this video, need all the help I can get!
    P.S. I don’t really shout about this, but she’s also an Ivy 😉


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