Some where in the distance I am 50lbs lighter!

Blog post 1

I recently started upon a journey to lose 50lbs by the time I’m 30! Now I have a good year to achieve this but in all honesty the sooner the better.

My Body has grown me two beautiful little girls and for that I am so proud but the extra weight I have allowed to pile on is making me feel somewhat alien in my own skin, when I look in the mirror I don’t see me any more, not in my body shape or in the shape of my face. I feel like I am lost underneath all this excess weight and excuse the pun but it’s weighed me down for long enough.

I feel as though I have spent my 20s somewhat battling with who I am or who I want to be, in reality I just want to be and look healthy so I decided to use social media to push myself along, I figured if I put it out there with people watching me then I wouldn’t want to let them down. I decided to use my YouTube channel North-Yorkshire-Mummy to upload a weekly video on a Sunday updating on how much weight I had lost that week and how I had been getting on, I then decided to use my Instagram northyorkshire_mummy_ to use the Insta stories to do daily updates on what I am eating and what excercise I have been doing.

I am only a week in but so far this has been helping so much in keeping me on track, who wants to post that they’ve failed!

So in week 1 I have channelled my thoughts on this extra 50lbs, in reality that’s quite a bit of weight and when I think that I’m walking around with this extra 50lbs stuck to me it horrifies me, my organs are buried under all this extra fat and thinking this way is really helping me keep determined to get it off.


So what have I been doing? well I’ve cut way back on my usual diet and I’m trying really hard to exercise more, I’ve tried so many fad diets and the reality is you just pile it on once you start eating normally again so I’m seeing this as more a lifestyle change of eating less and moving more.

Id love any support along this journey and welcome any one in a similar position looking for some support for themselves! Lets do this!!

If you want to see how I got on in my first week then head over to my YouTube channel North-Yorkshire_mummy to find out! Or click on the below link:


Instagramme: northyorkshire_mummy_