5 Months of Sisters!


I want to start making regular updates on the girls as siblings but due to the fact I’m only just starting now I’m going to start with the first 5 months!

I always wondered as most expectant mothers do how Ivy would react to a sibling, my honest thought was that she was very sociable and confident in her own self that she probably wouldn’t be bothered and would go about her ways doing her own thing.


My theory was clearly wrong, at first like most older siblings when a new baby comes into the house she wanted to be involved and was a tad heavy handed with a lot of “just be gentle” requests from us. I say at first but to be fair thats not really changed and in fact has got worse, at this point I don’t really like leaving them in the same room together, even if I walk out at a point where Ivy’s glued to the TV and Eliza is happy playing, I can bet you all the money in the world that Ivy would make a bee-line for her little sister.

As Eliza gets bigger I can see a new level of sisterhood forming which is nice, although she may be rough with her Eliza adores her older sister probably more than me or her dad, If I don’t appear to have Eliza in my arms Ivy will be the first to ask where she is and she races to see her in the morning with some rough cuddles and sloppy kisses.


Its hard not to wish time away but it will be so nice when they are more on a similar wave length, however there is around 4 years between them so that might be a way off but till then I’m enjoying them growing together and building that sisterly bond.

And Just Like That You Were 4…….

The age gap that wasn’t…