Our Top places to visit with kids in and around North Yorkshire:

Harlow Carr Gardens:

I actually used to work at the Bettys cafe that over looks the gardens and I always used to wish of spending days in there as it looked so beautiful! Working full time life just went by so fast but now that I’m home with my girls I get to enjoy days out so much more and top of my list was Harlow Carr gardens.


My eldest daughter is always asking to go, she calls it the park with the dragon slide! but it is so much more than that, with the most beautiful green landscaping its views are beautiful, there is plenty of beautiful green grass to be running around on or to set up for a picnic on a sunny day. There is in fact a little Bettys snack shack if you fancy indulging in a bit of what Bettys has to offer, but no body minds you taking food of your own too.

It goes without saying that the flowers are stunning and have themed gardens throughout, we love to have a walk around and take it all in!

IMG_3771 2.JPG

So what do they do for children? well they have a workshop area where during half terms or weekends they set up themed crafts, we once made a wicked space helmet, so much thought goes into what they do and the staff are always on hand to help!

They quite often have different set themes depending on the seasons etc. They have Easter trails at Easter and Santa comes at Christmas.

IMG_3777 IMG_3751

What my daughter enjoys most of course though is the big slide! There are quite a few little areas for children to play, with little obstacles to tackle and rope swings to swing from she really does get to just run wild using all her abilities. There is also a tree house to climb to the top of, my only negative is that its not big enough for me to get up there as it looks a lot of fun!

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So if you live in North Yorkshire or you are visiting I would highly recommend a visit to the beautiful Harlow Carr gardens! If you want to watch one of our visits to these lovely gardens then please click on the video bellow: